Flaming Wheel
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How to Buy From Vicious Cycles

Vicious Cycle products can be purchased through our online store access. It's that simple. However, custom builds and bike purchases can only be handled in–house. Come down today and we'll get started with a purchase of an existing bike with cash, credit, or an in–house loan approval. Online products have a 30–day return policy.

All custom builds will require a 25% down payment before projects will begin, and either payment in full, or an approved in–house loan or a transfer of funds to a third–party vendor. All purchases on custom cycles are final.

Interested in buying or a custom build?

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Customer Service & Satisfaction

At Vicious Cycles, we are committed to providing superior customer service and satisfaction. Our staff will assist you every step of the way, from product selection and ordering to truly custom builds. We've been doing this whole custom thing for quite a while, and we've seen some ups and downs, we're loving every moment of it. A proper custom build takes time, and we'll work closely with you to get it right. From stylish cycles to trusty monster rides, we've done them all. Talk with a member of our mechanics team to discuss your plan, and we'll see your dream realized.