Flaming Wheel
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About Us

Vicious Cycles SG is a Raleigh–based cycle workshop founded by a few like–minded individuals in late 2010. Our team of mechanics handle the bike builds and workshop while our customer service staff ensures the day to day operations carry out smoothly. We all hope to create and foster a strong passion for the local scene, and each and every one of us is a biking enthusiast.

We believe that every machine should be an extension of it's owner. We believe in the significance of individualism. We believe in the stories between your cycle and you. We believe in having fun. No matter the circumstances, we bike hard and we bike often.

You get on your bike, you ride, you fall, you might get pulled over, you overcome it all and you ride again. A vicious cycle. So make it worth the while, don't just be part of the numbers. Ride your cycle, chase your dreams, live your life.