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“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank

This quote embodies my philosophy on design and its impact on the world. When I see something I deem as beautiful, the item pulls me into the present and leaves me feeling content and hopeful for the world. My hope is that my designs provide the same reaction in others. In this way, I’m helping to make a difference in the world.

My approach to design begins with inspiration based on the needs of my clients. What is the goal of the client? Who are the end users? How can I use design to motivate action from the users? My goal is to blend beautiful web designs into functional and actionable pieces.

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As a professional, I have worked both in academics and in corporate. A common theme through these endeavors has been my propensity for technical know-how. A couple years ago I had the wisdom to move forward and obtain a web design/developer degree. Now I seek to continue to grow within a company as a web developer & designer.

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Picture of Vicious Cycles website

Vicious Cycles

This site was created for an assignment in my Web Design class. We were given free reign to produce an original site after given the logo and content for the site. My approach was to appeal to the target audience using darker tones and plenty of pictures.

Picture of Biltmore Estate Mobile site

Bilmore Estates Mobile

This site was created for an assignment in my Mobile Web Design class. We were told to take the Biltmore Estates website and to make it a mobile site. My approach was to maintain the integrity of the brand and color scheme already established by the company.

Picture of Ouiser Improv site

Ouiser & the Innovation Station

This site was created for my musical improv group, Ouiser & the Innovation Station. My goal was to create a respsonive site that updates the user on performance dates, yet also gives a sample of what they'll see.


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